OUTHERES Beach Towel Verao Rosebud


The Verao cotton beach towel is perfect for any holiday trip.

There is nothing more pleasant after a summer bath than covering yourself with a soft and thick, cosy towel. On the beach, by the pool or lake, wherever you choose to spend your vacation, ensure your comfort to get dry with this luxurious towel.

Our Verao towel is made with the best quality cotton and it’s soft and comfortable and at the same time absorbs moisture perfectly. The left side of the towel is smooth so that it can also be used as a beach blanket and avoid the sand grains stay in the yarns. After each sunbathing, just shake it off and voila! back to the beach bag.

The towel is made of 100% cotton

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100% cotton
Soft and thick cotton towel in stripes.
Colors: Rosebud / Brown

Size: 100cm x 150cm

Weight: 420GSM

Designed in Poland
Made in Portugal